After working with Google Glass for a couple of years now, it’s not hard to see that we’re only getting a glimpse of what’s possible.  One thing is clear.  Smart Glasses are an inevitable and integral part of everything to come.  Why?:

  1. glass turns vision to information, & information to vision.
  2. glass is the fastest path between intention and action
  3. glass can collapse the time and space between people and places.
  4. glass will provide a visual interface to the internet of things
  5. glass will shows us there’s more to the world than meets the eye (with AR)
  6. glass is the ultimate display for connected devices & real world data sets.
  7. glass will transform communications & birth a new age of assisted existence.
  8. glass will revolutionize entertainment like nothing before it
  9. glass will be the focal point for wearable sensors
  10. glass gives us a new, personalized view of the world
  11. glass helps us collect and visualize big data (30 times per second)
  12. glass will impact every industry & business
  13. glass allows fewer to do more. and to do things faster & better than ever before.
  14. glass transforms google from a search engine to a contextual answer & action engine
  15. glass is the key that will unlock the next net in the world around us


Granted, we’ve just begun tapping this new form of vision to the power of X, but you can be sure that what’s coming is so amazing….you won’t believe your eyes.