NOTE:  CLICK ON BLOG POST TITLES TO EXPAND THEM….   ABOUT THIS SITE: This site began as a collection for the sights and sounds I saw breaking around us at an incredible & increasing pace.  Now, it’s a placeholder, as I’m sharing more on other social and virtual media, online everywhere as: davelorenzini   It’s truly […]

​”By the Year 20/20, the world will have perfect vision.” -d. lorenzini  1-2010. Meaning that in less than 10 9 8 7 6-5-4 ! years, next-ge­neration Smart Glasses & Augmented Reality technology (AR+) will deliver “movie quality” information & special effects so vivid, you’ll have to lift your glasses to see what’s real. It’s 1990 all […]

After working with Google Glass for a couple of years now, it’s not hard to see that we’re only getting a glimpse of what’s possible.  One thing is clear.  Smart Glasses are an inevitable and integral part of everything to come.  Why?: glass turns vision to information, & information to vision. glass is the fastest […]